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Best of Show Security and Encryption
Arlinx IP Platform wins top honor at the 2007 Internet Telephony Conference and Expo
Editor' Choice Best of Show Award.
(Best of the Best of Show)

Security & Media Processing IP Platforms
Strong Authentication,
Accelerated Encryption,
Certified Cryptographic Storage,
and Turbo Media Processors
(voice & video)

IP Security, IP Telephony, IP Video

Uses 98% Less Electricity (6 Watts vs. 300 Watts)
RoHS Compliant, No Battery, Long Life Cycle, Recyclable, Environmentally Benign Manufacturing,
Best Performance per Watt in the Industry

Uses latest high performance, energy efficient
and very dependable technology.

The Arlinx Platform is propelled by a next-generation integrated communications processor using System-on-Chip (SoC) and IBM's Power Architecture. As a bonus it has such an amazing performance/wattage ratio requiring only 6 watts to power the motherboard.
  • System on a Chip Power PC Processor
  • 1 GB DDR2 RAM with 8 bit ECC supported natively by Linux kernel.
  • 16 MB Permanent Non-Writable NAND Flash for Uboot
  • 64 MB (128MB optional) NAND Flash for Linux OS and General Purpose Storage
  • CompactFlash Slot for additional Storage
  • 2 GigE Ethernet Ports, 2 Fiber connectors and 2 Copper
    • Fiber supported natively by Linux kernel
  • 4 USB 2.0 ports, 480 Mbs, 3 Host, 1 Device
  • Serial Ports
  • 2 Full Length PCI slots in 1U chassis.
  • Mini-ITX form factor (modified)
    • Edge Connector for Local Bus Expansion
    • Edge Connector for Dual PCI riser
  • 85o C. Operating Temperature (estimated)
  • Single +5VDC Power Supply
  • Much better alternative to Commercial Grade PC
  • Ultra-Secure with Certified Crypto Storage
  • Hardware Encryption Accelerator
  • IP Optimized Communications SoC Processor
  • Low Voltage 64 bit DDR2 RAM with 8 bits ECC for energy efficiency and reliability
  • Extended Temperature Range (-40oC - +85o C)
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet for Speedy Throughput
  • Amazing Performance per Watt
  • Engineered to Last with a 20 year life cycle


Commercial Grade PC vs. Reliable Linux Platform

The Arlinx Linux Platform is a great alternative to a commercial grade PC. The Arlinx Platform is Military grade with a 20 year life cycle and an operating temperature range of -40oC - +85oC.

Resellers, Integrators, and OEM's that offer a product on a Linux platform should seriously consider adding the Arlinx Platform to their product line. A commercial grade PC is designed and manufactured for a very price competitive market where reliability suffers. With the Arlinx Platform you can offer your customers the choice of your current PC based product and the Arlinx high reliability solution.

For the end user the Arlinx Platform offers an unprecedented low Total Cost of Ownership. While costing more up front it will pay for itself with savings from electricity, air conditioning, battery backup, maintenance and repair, and expensive cooled server racks.

The Arlinx Platform also includes features not on a PC such as hardware encryption, cryptographic storage, and media processors.

For a reseller or integrators the advantages include competitive advantage, reputation, customer satisfaction, lower warranty costs, lower overhead expenses, repeat business, and higher profit margins.

An Open and Stable Platform

Competition in the PC market consequently creates instability. Any model PC will have a short market life and will soon be replaced by a newer model. For the reseller or integrator this presents a problem. Once you get your product running well on a commercial model that model may be soon discontinued. The replacement model may introduce problematic failures.

Arlinx is committed to market stability. It is our policy to make any platform revision available for a period of 5 years.

Encryption and Authentication

With a hardware encryption accelerator and a certified crypto storage module, Arlinx is prepared for the emerging VoIP and IMS security standards. Hardware encryption accelerator minimizes throughput latency. Crypto Storage secures Authentication Keys and Digital Certificates. Digital certificates can be used after authentication to digitally sign messages and media in order to prevent tampering along the transmission path.

Lowest Life Cycle Cost in the Industry

  • Energy Efficient, less battery backup
  • Lower Air Conditioning (low operating cost)
  • Lower Maintenance (no fans, no dust, no moving parts)
  • Designed for 20 year life cycle
  • Redundancy and Reliability = Less Downtime, Less Maintenance
  • High Virus and Malware Immunity (less maintenance)
  • Strong Authentication
  • Secure (less Administration)

Less Watts, Less Heat, More Reliability

All Arlinx system components were carefully chosen to minimize power consumption and heat generation. Total board level power budget is just 6 Watts (without PCI option). Has the Industries Highest performance per Watt and can exceed the processing power of an Intel x86 server. The low heat and no moving parts greatly increases overall system reliability. The low energy requirements saves a phenomenal amount of electricity. According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy the savings in electricity (about $1000/year) will provide a high Return on Investment and the Lowest Lifecyle Cost in the Industry.

Voice and Video Turbo Media Processors (Future Option)

The on-board Arlinx Turbo Media Processor executes the computational intensive tasks such as compression, transcoding, and media content analytics. This greatly reduces the computational load of the SoC CPU. The Telephony Platform is voice optimized and the IP Video Platform is video optimized.


The Arlinx Platform is very strong in Operations, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning with built-in Network Management. Strong Security and Authentication with protected memory for OEM codes, keys and certificates.

Save $12,000.00 on Electricity over 5 Years

According to the Technical Spec Datasheet for one of Intel's Dual Xeon general purpose server motherboards (Model SE7520BD2) the motherboard alone can consume 511 Watts of electricity. Based on the US Dept. of Energy's cost of electricity in the US, the cost of air conditioning and battery backup the Arlinx IP Elite Platform, on average, will save $12,303.57 in 5 years when compared to just the Intel motherboard alone. Read the 5 year cost analysis

Redundant Flash

Redundant Flash Memory is used instead of a hard drive for silent and reliable performance. Upgrades can be safely maintained with Authentication security. Maintenance upgrades are loaded in to the standby flash drive, then verified and authenticated before system operation is switched over to the updated flash drive. If any problem including power or communications failure is encountered during an upgrade, the system will not switch over to the updated flash drive and operation will continue on the current operational flash drive.

System on a Chip (SoC)

The SoC architecture means greatly reduced CPU overhead and no off chip I/O communications with external controllers. By reducing off chip I/O, program execution speed increases, power consumption is reduced, and system bus traffic is minimized.

Mini-ITX in 1U Chassis

The Arlinx Platform's system board form factor is mini-ITX. The board is housed in a 1U chassis with dual power supplies and two full length and height PCI slots. There are no fans or any moving parts. The low heat and no moving parts greatly increases overall system reliability.

IBM's Power Architecture and Linux

The SoC embedded CPU core is based on IBM's Power Architecture. Our IP Elite Platform is not a general purpose PC and uses a security hardened embedded Linux instead of a general Linux distribution. It does not execute Intel x86 or Microsoft Windows code eliminating virus, spyware and other malevolent vulnerabilities.

Secure, Cost Effective, Industrial Strength

For about the same cost of an Intel Server you can have a higher performance, ultra reliable and secure Linux system with dual gigabit Ethernet ports. There are two fiber optic and two copper connectors. Any two of the four fiber and copper ports may be used simultaneously. The top engineering criteria of our system design is reliability, security, and performance. We use fewer and low power components, redundant power supply, and utilize error detection and correction circuitry.

Initial Price vs. Life Cycle Cost

There are many products that have a higher initial price but offer a clear savings when operating cost and the life cycle of the product is considered. A simple example of Initial Price vs. Life Cycle Cost (LC Cost) is the light bulb.

TypeBrightnessPowerLife CyclePriceLC Cost
Incandescent840 lumens60 Watts1,000 hrs.$1.49$154.90
Fluorescent840 lumens15 Watts10,000 hrs.$7.99$35.49
Based on 10,000 hours operation at $0.15 per KiloWatt

The above LC Cost does not include overhead, lost productivity, and special circumstance costs. In a medium sized organization the light bulb replacement procedure may go something like this.

  • Project Designer's office light bulb burns out
  • Designer gets workorder Requisition from Project Manager
  • Designer fills out Requisition
  • Project Manager approves Requisition
  • Requisition put in inter-office Mail to Maintenance Dept.
  • Maintenance Secretary Sorts incoming mail
  • Maintenance Mangers receives Requisition
  • Maintenance verifies account codes and authorization with Accounting
  • Workorder assigned to Maintenance worker
  • Maintenance worker creates stockroom inventory requisition
  • Stockroom verifies authorization with Accounting
  • Required light bulb is not in stock
  • Stockroom Clerk creates purchase Requisition
  • Stockroom Manager Signs off on purchase
  • Purchase Requisition sent to Purchasing Dept.
  • Purchasing verifies authorization with Accounting
  • Purchasing Dept. creates Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order transmitted to Supplier
  • Light Bulbs delivered two days later
  • Receiving Dept. logs new light bulb delivery
  • Light bulb transferred to stockroom
  • Stockroom log light bulb into inventory
  • Stockroom creates inventory transfer to Maintenance Dept.
  • Stockroom delivers to Maintenance Dept.
  • Maintenance worker installs light bulb
  • Maintenance Dept. Bills Project for Light Bulb, Labor, and Overhead
This example would be much more complex for computer equipment and would invove the IT Department. Cost would be higher requiring capital expense procedures with higher level authorizastions slowing the process.

Life Cycle Cost is more complex for computer equipment. Even Initial Cost can be more than

  • Immune to All Know Viruses and Spyware
  • Security Hardened Embedded Linux OS
  • Operating System is Read Only Eliminating Spyware & Viruses
  • No Intel x86 Code, Rendering Malware Ineffective
  • Not a PC, No Microsoft, No Keyboard, No Video Monitor
  • Advanced Performance
  • System-on-Chip architecture
  • Turbo Media Processor
  • Industries Highest Computational Performance per Watt
  • Dual Integrated Gigabit Ethernet Controllers
  • Integrated Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Controllers
  • Integrated Encryption Engine
  • Integrated DDR RAM Controller
  • 64 Bit DDR2 RAM Data Bus with 8 bits ECC
  • Over 1 Billion Instructions per Second
  • Optional Full Length PCI slot
  • Ultra High Reliability
  • Low System Power, 6 Watts
  • No Fans, No Filters, No PM
  • Compact Flash Replaces Hard Drive
  • Dual CompactFlash
  • No Moving Parts
  • Silent Operation
  • Low Heat, Low System Parts Count: Very High Reliability
  • No Air Filter, No Moving Parts: Very Low Maintenance
  • Robust Error Correcting 8 bit ECC 64 bit Data Bus
  • Wide Industrial Temperature Operating Range
  • IP Optimized
  • Integrated GigE Controllers
  • Integrated Hardware IP Optimization
  • Hardware Encryption Engine 500 Mb/s
  • Hardware Optimized Linux Drivers
  • Four USB 2.0 Ports with High Speed Capability (up to 480 Mb/s)
  • Industrial Strength
  • Withstands Harsh Industrial Environments
  • Sealed 1U Rack Mount Chassis
  • Fluid Resistant
  • Redundant Power Supplies
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet 2 copper and 2 fiber-optic connectors
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Lead Free Construction
  • Highest Performance per Watt
  • Can save over $2000 per year in energy costs compared to an equivalent Intel Solution
  • Management
  • Built-In Administration, Provisioning and Management
  • Built-In Network Management
  • Secure Shell (SSH) Management Console
  • Local Management via USB Terminal
  • Certified Secure Authentication