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Open1x and xsupplicant

Open1x is an open source implementation of the IEEE 802.1X protocol. This project includes support for the authenticator and supplicant, while other projects (e.g., FreeRADIUS, Diameter) provide support for the authentication server.

The Open1x Project has two components: xsupplicant and authenticator. Xsupplicant is an implementation of the supplicant (i.e., client) side of the 802.1X protocol and works under Linux and Mac OS X. Authenticator is an implementation of the authenticator and works only under Linux.

xsupplicant provides client-side authentication, key negotiation, and association management for 802.1x/802.11i protected networks. It can be used on computers with wired or wireless LAN connections to complete a strong authentication before joining the network. Install this software if you need to connect to a WPA, WPA2, or other 802.1x protected network.


IEEE-802.1X Remote Authentication RADIUS Guidelines

AAA Authentication Authorization Accounting