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OpenBloX Open Source Java implementation of the Diameter stack.

The OpenBloX framework is an Open Source set of directories and files, implementing in a whole or part of the 3GPP and 3GPP2 Diameter specifications. The package contain at minimum the Diameter base protocol as described by IETF RFC 3588 and any extensions provided to support upper layers as specified by the 3GPP specifications, such as Rx, Gx, Ro, Cx, Sh and other 3GPP defined interfaces.

The package contain utilities that are set to support access, formatting and parsing of software components that are used either internally by the package or by the application implementing a 3GPP server or application. OpenBloX design may be further extended to the application using the OpenBloX tool set. The OpenBloX design is built upon strong structure, Object Oriented and design pattern methods. The user can extend the design for higher level application gaining a unified and easy to maintain software package.


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