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Best of Show Security and Encryption
Arlinx IP Platform wins top honor at the 2007 Internet Telephony Conference and Expo
Editor' Choice Best of Show Award.
(Best of the Best of Show)

Security & IP Media Processing IP Platforms
Strong Authentication,
Accelerated Encryption,
Certified Cryptographic Storage,
and Turbo Media Processors
(voice & video)

IP Security, IP Telephony, IP Video

Uses 98% Less Electricity (6 Watts vs. 300 Watts)
RoHS Compliant, No Battery, Long Life Cycle, Recyclable, Environmentally Benign Manufacturing,
Best Performance per Watt in the Industry
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

The Arlinx IP Platforms introduce incredible new possibilities creating ground breaking opportunities for developers, integrators, and resellers. Offering the ultimate alternative to inferior mainstream commercial grade PCs.

Arlinx's technological wizardry and innovation, makes this a fantastic platform for developers, integrators and resellers of Telephony, Security, and Video applications. It's an ultra reliable and marvelous alternative to running digital media and security applications rather than using an inferior commercial grade PC. Feature rich, reliable, low operating costs.

The Arlinx IP Platform has an unprecedented low Total Cost of Ownership. Low maintenance, high performance, strong management, very dependable (engineered to last 20 years), and so energy efficient, it will pay for itself in less than 5 years in electricity savings alone when compared to a computationally equivalent PC. Consider the costs of battery backup, maintenance, repair, downtime, air conditioning, and special cooling server racks and cabinets and the payoff is immediately realized.

PCs Have High Failure Rates Many Telephony and Security Appliances are built on commercial grade PCs. A September 2007 PC Magazine survey of over 16,000 readers reported PCs needing repair to be more than 20%. In the PC's first year Dell had a 15% failure rate, HP 14%, and White Box 28%. A PC World survey of 42,000 subscribers reported that PCs on average will have at least two significant problems per year and 15% will have a core component failure. The Telecom Industry considers a failure rate of less than 0.001% to be acceptable. The Arlinx IP Platform is designed and built to Telecom standards.

PCs High Mean Time to Repair
PC Support has become very problematic. Off shore support with language barriers, multiple support calls, misdiagnosis wasted time, long hold time on support lines, repair parts shipping time can lead to days of down time.

Arlinx IP Platform's Features Include:

  • Stability, Supply Exact Same Revision for 5 Years
  • New Level of Reliability (20 year life cycle)
  • Affordable Military Grade (-40oC - +85oC operating temp)
  • No Moving Parts, No Fans, Silent Operation
  • Immune to Most Malware
  • Dual GigE Ethernet, Multi-Mode Fiber Optic and Copper
  • Ultra High Security with Strong Authentication
  • Hardware Accelerated Encryption
  • Certified Cryptographic Storage
  • Optimized for IP Communications
  • Amazing Performance per Watt
  • Integrated Voice or Video Media Processing
  • Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning
  • Completely Open Linux, Hardware Platform, and APIs
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership, Incredible Return on Investment
The Arlinx IP Elite Media Products are the best choice in many markets. Some of these markets include:
  • IP Telephony
  • IP Security
  • IP Video
  • Industrial Controllers
  • Solar Powered Applications
  • Open Standards Platform

Linux IP VoIP and Security Appliance Platform Linux IP Security Appliance Platform VoIP Security Linux IP Appliance Platform Contact Linux Appliance Platform