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Diameter AAA, Authentication
Authorization and Accounting

Diameter is the proposed successor of the RADIUS protocol.

Diameter Technical Specification, ITEF RFC3588

The Diameter base protocol is intended to provide an Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) framework for applications such as network access or IP mobility. Diameter is also intended to work in both local Authentication, Authorization & Accounting and roaming situations. This document pecifies the message format, transport, error reporting, accounting and security services to be used by all Diameter applications. The Diameter base application needs to be supported by all Diameter implementations.

openDiameter Open Source Project

The open-source Diameter implemenation protocol is based on RFC3588 designed by the IETF's AAA Working Group. The work has been continued by the IETF DIME (Diameter Extension) WG and its activities can be found at the DIME Activities.

The source code of the Open Diameter software is available under the combination of Lesser GNU Pulic License and GNU Public License. The base protocol implementation available as a C++ library and has currently support Linux, BSD and Windows systems. It relies on ACE to provide system level abstraction for all supported systems. Further documentation is available at sourceforge documentation page.


AAA: Authentication Authorization Accounting
Diameter Base Protocol RFC 3588
Diameter SIP VoIP
Diameter Network Access Server RFC 4005
Diameter Mobile RFC 4004
Diameter Credit Control RFC 4006
Diameter EAP RFC 4072
EAP Extensible Authentication Protocol

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